Today is Day One of becoming a Vegan. 
This shit is massively scary but I'm ridiculously excited and can't wait to start this journey. 

Well. I was bored and love to watch random ass docs. I came across one on Netflix called Vegucated. Granted, I was very aware of the health benefits of becoming a Vegan or even a Vegetarian. But after watching that documentary, my life is changed. It's less dramatic than that last sentence sounds, but man, it's going to be great.

Today started a 30-day Vegan and Yoga challenge. It sounds a little crunchy and a little silly but I'm having fun with this change. Shit, got to shake things up a bit to get new things going. 

To health.


I can't believe it's March and only because in the past two months, I can't even recall all of the events that have transpired. I'm so excited for the future - how could I not be? Surrounded by dope ass friends, kicking ass at work and loving this new life in LA. My stress is down to a minimum strictly because I'm forcing myself to push it down. I haven't been more excited for life in such a long time - shit I can't even remember. 

Put that all aside, all the positivity comes with negativity which I'm fully aware of. So, to the bullshit negativity DEUCES. To the positivity, hey girl hey. 

02: HOME

Home just in time for New Years. Even though I'm not around all my girls and I surely don't have a dashing man to kiss at midnight, I'm very excited to be ending my year and beginning a new one, right in my new HOME. 

Los Angeles is a beautiful place and I don't give it enough credit as I'm constantly caught up non-important negatives. I'm obsessed with my apartment, love the company I keep and I finally feel like I'm living. New York was ROUGHCITY man. I couldn't enjoy all the city had to offer nor did I feel like I was making a home. I feel more at home in the past three months than I ever did living in New York City for over two years. I feel happy. content. lively. 

There's so much to explore here and I'm really, really excited to begin 2014 in a new place with a new story.