The greatest thing about style is there isn't ONE way to wear something. There isn't a way to be perceived or a rhyme or reason to what you put on. You simply put on. I love looking at others' style and admiring how they put looks together regardless if I'd wear it or not. The creativity behind a look, be it simple or complicated, is such an awesome experience to watch unfold; will she get the job, will she not get the job?  

I love that I'm able to be a chameleon with what I wear. I couldn't imagine having a standard look in my wardrobe or exclusively purchasing khakis and polos. No offense to those that do. PS. But, there is something about being able to curate my look with a theme in mind, and no reasoning for what I put on. Other than, I want to feel good. I get asked often why I wear heels to work as our office is not a standard "business attire" office but I love getting ready, completely. I feel powerful in what I wear, no matter what it is. From my drop-crotch Forever 21 pants to my Free People maxis and mens leather jackets, there isn't a purpose, just a love for a look. 

So, basically, all this is to say... I hope you wear what you want. Don't let people dictate to you that certain looks achieve certain things. The only thing I have at the end of this, is my confidence. I let the clothes create the vibe and my voice create the results. You know? 

So like, get out there. Work those vibes, til you can't no mo. Okay, too much 90's rap. 


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Christina Topacio

Los Angeles, CA

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