The perfect outfit is the most difficult thing for me to curate. If you can't tell by now, my style always changes. I like to think I can pull off most anything even though I'm probably wrong about that. But hey, that's what fashion is for: style exploration. But that's since changed since I moved.

Living back in California, my style has definitely relaxed; a little less vintage and a lot more t-shirts. Well, my kind of "t-shirt" at least. It's strange seeing my style go from this, to this, to this, back to this and now this (check out more from my style archive.) But I've got to say it's so much easier getting around this days since I'm not donning lace caps, suede fringe ponchos, vintage furs of the oversized dimensions, etcetera, etcetera. 

I wonder if one day, I'll be roaming around the city wearing yoga pants and Nikes with a cold sweatband as a headband and a filtered water bottle. #YeahTheFuckRight


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Photos by Sabrina Noel Hill

Christina Topacio

Los Angeles, CA

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