14 hours.
14 hours standing/sitting in the rain to go into a box... that was raining. Yes, that was my Sunday afternoon a few weeks. And I completely loved it.  

Knowing I was going to move from New York City, I knew I had to take advantage of all the awesome activities and the environment that is NEW. YORK. CITY. I can tell you this; I hadn't visited a museum until the last few months of my departure. When my friends called me up for the last day of the Rain Room at the MoMA, I knew I had to do it despite the fact that it was raining, hot and the line would be inevitably long. 


I rallied with my friends, playing Heads Up with strangers and eating delicious street meat - nothing mattered within this 14 hour span than hanging with these people. I knew that I probably wouldn't see them for quite some time so taking advantage of these moments was the most important thing.. besides the fact that I was dying to go to the rain room. 

If you weren't able to go to the Rain Room, that is just too freaking sad because this was such a cool experience. I already love the rain, madly, madly love the rain. Being able to walk into the room and smell fresh raindrops, feel the midst on my skin and dance around was so awesome. And also, capturing really cool images didn't hurt. 

If you went, did you think the wait was worth it? I think it was and would totally do it again. 


Christina Topacio

Los Angeles, CA

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