23 years ago, at 11:26AM

I'm twenty-three years old today. I thought it might be interesting for myself and possibly to you all to see where I'm at in my 23rd year on this earth.

Status: Single (newly-ish)

Employment: Entrepreneur & Freelance Wardrobe Consultant (jobless)

Living: Bay Area in my gorgus little apartment (little=studio)

Obsessing over: mega-tall wedges/platforms, raunchy t-shirts, blue-nose pitts, my apartment, my homemade pizza,  Steve Harvey's book (Act Like A Lady, Think Like A Man), not wearing undies, Cheeseboard's scones, lace demi bras, the color combo of khaki & grey, Law & Order, fishnets (I own at least 15 pairs), my Peasants & Travelers cork bag, berry candles from Ikea, grey goose & lime

Dying with laughter over:  grown women stilling rocking banded dresses, pointy toe heels, kitten heels, bamboo hoops, my old HS photos with friends, jersey/terry sweat suits (esp. those with sayings on the ass), overly trendy people, people who wear the rainbow on their face, my broken-yet-refuse-to-fix iPhone, my collection of outerwear, Tiger Woods, Ke$ha, Miley Cyrus "ending her music career", guys who try to be rappers/singers when we all know they won't make it, desperados, farmville, heidi montag.

Current food obsessions: arugula, spinach, green bananas, black beans, shallots, homemade pesto, dark chocolate melted over popcorn with salt & butter, nectarine scones, cream cheese frosting, my "american" enchiladas, chipotle barbacoa burritos, tomatos in a blender

Favorite websites:weheartit.com, youtube.com, fakeannawintour.com, heartifb.com, foodnation.tv

Songs of the moment (no matter how old): That's not my name-the ting tings, queens of apology-the sounds, unthinkable-alicia keys, come here-j. holiday, good girls go bad-cobra starship, little freak-usher, can't stand you-b.o.b., slow dancing in a burning room-john mayer, ready for love-india arie

habits include: being on my phone too much, pretend "shopping" online, opening too many tabs on the internet, googling people, putting holes in my tights, not making my bed, swiffering my apartment too much, putting cilantro in everything, judging people's outfits in my head, watching will & grace seasons 1&2 every day, picking my face, talking shit with Lex, watching youtube vids on my iPhone because I'm too lazy to turn on the laptop, eating green olives out of the jar, refusing to go to the dry cleaners/tailor/shoe repairman because I'm too cheap/lazy (and seriously, there's about 7 pairs of shoes & at least 20 pieces that need to be tailored and cleaned), checking my bank account religiously just in case magic $$$ appeared, rolling my eyes, cleaning my shower while taking a shower, buying too many groceries because I'm still used to having a second person in my apartment (aka my ex), wearing many too many bracelets & rings, not staying in touch

Favorite places to shop: static, la rosa, riki, beauty & attitude, bell jar, painted bird, goodwill, thrift town, Tibetan stores, LF, stuf, african stores, my personal closet currently since i haven't shopped in FOREVER

Favorite places to JUST LOOK: shopstyle.com, net-a-portier.com, ysl store on maiden lane

Guilty Pleasures: my mornings, love at first bite cupcakery, lingerie for myself, house music, truffle oil, writing secret notes, cheeseboard pizza, getting my hair washed ( i seriously would pay just to have someone massage my head while washing it), taking public transportation, reorganizing my closet, alphabetizing my magazines, penis cookies from Hot Cookie, walks by myself, sitting at the rose garden, color coding my books, taking pictures of ANYTHING outside, taking secret photos of people in the public that make me crack up, buying office supplies, labeling, indulging in Gorgonzola fries at Palominos

happy birthday to all my Geminis<3.

all images via weheartit.com