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What's that? Yea, you heard it right. I'm looking for a lovely intern to assist me at JWalk. Someone who is a go-getter and a maje achiever. And I thought, what better place to find an awesome intern than from my readers? I'm definitely not a Miranda but I am looking for my Andy Sachs. So without further ado...


  • Be cool yo. Definitely need a chill but productive personality as I'm in constant high-stress. Whoo hoo!
  • You love coffee. Or at least grabbing some for both of us. That may include a hefty cream-cheese slathered carb.
  • Well-versed in social media. I'm talking Pinterest, Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, Wordpress, plugins, hashtags, tweet chats, content calendars, handles,, etc. You got to know it all.
  • Be available. This is a full-time intern position, located in mid-town, in-office.
  • Understanding of the blogging world. Not just fashion.
  • Be a pro at Excel. Lord knows Excel sheets drive me crazy so someone who is better versed in it than I is epic.
  • Be organized and communicative. This is a must.
  • Creative. Just because I like talking to someone who lives in a creative world than a boring one. HA.
  • Located in NYC only. Sorry non-NYC'ers.

Your responsibilities: 

  • Manage all social media conversations. Literally a watchdog.
  • Prep and manage content calendars as they progress during each month.
  • Run errands as needed.
  • Use your voice/Be a voice. Not looking for a quiet person in the least but also knows when and if you should be adding input.
  • Contribute to posting, as needed (Blog, Twitter, etc)
  • Engage with multiple communities with a fine-tooth comb and a professional voice (depending on client)
  • Be as helpful as possible, including being a model for Instagram product shots (fun!), being a photographer, organizing product, etc.
What you get:
  • Obviously, me. The best part.
  • A stipend each month + travel expenses (MTA card only).
  • An experience at a digital social agency, where we DO IT ALL.
  • And so many other fun perks (free product anyone?)
Needing an intern to start January 2nd, 2013. YAY, new year!


And just for good measure...


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