the sh*t average bloggers don't talk about


I feel like there's always that one person in everyone's family who IS the heart and soul, the beat of the unit. Someone to rely on for laughs and bonding- help you get through the best and the worst. My grandma (Lola) was definitely that person. We got together on holidays because of her, celebrated birthdays because of her and became a closer family because of her.

Today she would of been 88 years old. She passed away 8 days before her birthday. Last year, as a family, we all went up and celebrated- cupcakes, candles and all. My grandmother was a powerful woman, a loved woman. My grandpa was so in love with her and took care of her the way I'd want my husband to take care of me.

There are moments I look back in regret- possibly not spending enough time or learning more about her and our family. But I know she'd never want me to feel that way. We shared many a bedtime story as she aged, telling me funny stories about my grandpa and my dad. I learned LOVE from her. No one else could teach me what she did and I'm forever grateful.

Love you so much Lola, happy birthday♥

My grandma was hipper than yours.
Also one of my favorite moments.