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Reader Appreciation Monday has finally made its' way back to the pages of PS!

Sorry for the delay, I know it's been absent for weeks and weeks! Now that fashion week and all that chaos has been and gone, I'm ready to get back on track with the usual of Love, Lust, Life and Reader Appreciation Monday!


Fashion week was quite an amazing trip yet again, although I must say, it was quite the different experience compared to last. I feel like I couldn't wait for it to be over. However, I'm so happy I got to capture these images while I was there. I swear, it's never about the shows and more about the people and its' surroundings.

You are so sweet love! I'm so glad you enjoyed my diary of fashion week. I feel it's the only way to express my views on such an experience<3

You explained it perfectly love. It has the dirt and grime but you can't help but truly love this crazy and fast-moving city!


It doesn't matter where I'm going or what I'm doing, I'm always over-the-top. It gives me some sort of natural high that I can't get enough of. Hence, my wild and eccentric ensembles. I will say, nothing changes when I leave fashion week. My style stays this way, every day all day, grocery store or nightclub. I am me, and I kinda love it.

On a side note, my confidence was majorly boosted thanks to Lee and his awesome readers! I've never read such sweet comments...well besides MY readers comments :)

I love that you say it's "authentically you" because I truly feel that way. I know my style can sometimes be a bit off key and over the top but I really do love what I find and wear and put together. I'm glad there are people out there that really appreciate my style!

This comment made my life girl! I'm so glad you got to view fashion week through my eyes and you appreciated it. I know it wasn't loaded with fashion week shots but I think the people who did appreciate my blog style, appreciated my view on fashion week. :)

HAHA, yes I could probably wear anything but I don't know about pulling it off! But who knows, maybe next season I'll rock a paper bag like Erika said! :) And my outfit for IFB was my favorite too. I felt a bit pin-up, a bit retro and a ton of sexy! I loved it!

Aww I heart you Kristy! But I didn't wear that to the Ace Hotel silly! I wore the sweater as a dress though :) I'm so glad you were just as sweet in person too! You deserve everything that has happened to you and what a journey its' been. You're amazing and I can't wait to see where this takes you and the expansion of professional bloggers everywhere! Hope to see you soon!


I love her big hair!! She's adorable too. Sometimes when I look back at my New York shots, it makes me feel like I was at something or experienced something I really didn't. Hey, I guess that means I'm capturing the "moments" I should be capturing, no?

Those Levi's Curve I.D. jeans are amazing. I should of went a size down though. It's stretched out, just like I thought, which is why I don't buy jeans. I must say though, after going almost three years without buying jeans, I think this was quite the success. I was in the Levi's SoHo location for, what had to of been, two hours or so. I tried on every size and shape and shade. I'm a Demi and I love it. If you've got booty, go Bold and a size up. If you're like me who has a bit of butt, a bit of thighs, then you're a Demi. If you're straight up and down, Slight is perfect. Shoot, I should be a Levi's jeans specialist lol.


My trip ended nicely and I couldn't wait to go home. Now, all I want to do is go back. Go figure right? If you missed the Fashion Week compilation video, check it out here!

Lee, it was so wonderful to meet you and I can't wait to hang out more in September! It seems I really missed out on a few great nights with you all so we must do that again in September! Agreed?! Cool. And I think I should take a trip to Australia so you can show me around. Vahni, are you down? :)

Would you ever go back again love, like a serious move? I always believe in second chances!


This comment made me so happy love bug! Seriously, I'm so so happy we got to meet and hang out during fashion week. It's seriously like you're the long lost BFF and I can't wait for September which you better be coming!

I hope that no one else is having this issue! When I click on it, it does take me to the Profresh Style "Fan" page. Go to and see if that still works! Yikes, is anyone else having this problem?


Thanks for the awesome comments last week guys- you're amazing!!